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Previous events

2014 Commoners Association AGM

Date: --24th February 2014 Location: The Swan Revived
Time: 19.00 Details:
  The AGM was held on Monday 24th February. The senior archeologist at MK Council, Nick Crank,gave a very interesting presentation on the results of the 2012 magnetometry survey. The management committee was re-elected including some new faces. David Mundy, the secretary, asked for someone to shadow him this year and take over as secretary at next year's AGM. Some possibilities are being considered.

2014 Newport Pagnell Muster

Date: 13-09-2014 Location: Common and Beyond
Time: 10.00 Details:
  The 5th annual Newport Pagnell Muster will be held starting from the Common. More information can be found on the following website.

2013 Newport Pagnell Muster

Date: 14-09-2013 Location: Common and Beyond
Time: 10.00 Details:
  The 4th annual Newport Pagnell Muster will be held starting from the Common. More information can be found on the following website.

2013 Dog Show

Date: 14-07-2013 Location: The Common
Time: 10:00 Details:
  This year's Dog Show was held on July 14th on a blazing hot day and was well attended. Lots of water was needed for all the dogs (and the helpers)but everyone had a great day.
A selection of photographs taken by Elly Cooper Photography has been loaded to the gallery but this is only a small selection of over 700 taken. We hope to repeat the event next year so watch this space!

2013 Commoners Association AGM

Date: 19-02-2013 Location: Swan Revived Hotel
Time: 19.30 Details:
  Twentyfive commoners plus some supporters attended.

The single payment scheme will last for two more years a it is taking longer to renegotiate.
There was considerable concern at dog fouling and a larger bin would be put at the car park entrance.
Don Allison stood down from the committe and Julie Eldridge was elected to fill the vacancy.
The next AGM will be in February 2014. Date to be announced.
For a further information please email the Secretary, David Mundy on dmmundy@freeuk.com

2012 Newport Muster

Date: 08-09-2012 Location: Various
Time: 10:00 Details:
  3rd Newport Pagnell Muster

Bury Field Booklet

Date: 18-09-2010 Location: Newport Pagnell Library
Time: Details:
  The information booklet was launched at the Bridges Bi-Centenary.


Date: 15-03-2010 Location: Queens Avenue Entrance
Time: Details:
  The hard footpaths from Queens Avenue to Lakes Lane and Mill Street were installed.

Plaques 3 and 4

Date: 15-02-2010 Location: On the Common
Time: Details:
  The next two plaques installed.

First Newport Pagnell Muster

Date: 12-09-2009 Location: The Common and Beyond
Time: Details:
  The first Muster was held starting from the Common.

First Plaques

Date: 15-08-2009 Location: On the Common
Time: Details:
  The first two information plaques were installed near the Quieens Avenue car park entrance

Welcome Signs

Date: 15-04-2008 Location: Common Entrances
Time: Details:
  The three large "Welcome" signs were erected at the three main entrances.

Extraordinary General Meeting

Date: 15-07-2007 Location: Swan Revided Hotel
Time: Details:
  An EGM was held to revitalise the Commoners Association

DEFRA Agreement

Date: 15-10-2004 Location:
Time: Details:
  Start of the 10 year agreement with DEFRA on the management of The Common

2014 Dog Show

Date: 2014-07-20 Location: The Common near Queens Avenue entrance
Time: Entry from 10am Details:
  This year's Dog Show will be held on July 20th. The format will be the same as last year and every dog (and their owners and friends) will be welcome.

Class 1 - AV Minor puppy (6-9 months)

Class 2 - AV puppy (6-12 months)

Class 3 - AV Sporting

Class 4 - AV Non-sporting

Class 5 - AV Open

Class 6 - Special baby class for puppies over 14wks up to 6 months

Class 7 – Best Resident (must live in Newport Pagnell)

Class 8 - AV Veteran (7yrs & over)

Class 9 - Best crossbred

Class 10 - Waggiest Tail

Class 11 - Best Rescue

Class 12 - Best Movement

Class 13 - Handsomest Dog

Class 14 - Prettiest Bitch

Class 15 - Best Condition

Class 16 - Dog the judge would like to take home

For more details contact Sharon on: 01908 691916,
mobile: 07500556492
or email: Sharon@sharpeiworld.freeserve.co.uk

5th plaque installed

Date: -- Location: By the copse on the common
Time: Details:
  This plaque commemorating the wartime ARP post on the common was installed in the autumn 2013. It can be found facing the town at the top of the hill in front of the copse. A photo will appear on this website soon.